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Governing​ ​Board​ ​Meeting: , Nov. 17 th, 2018

Meeting open at 7 PM by Chairman Butch H.

Present; Butch H, Rick H, Richard K, Ken M, Catherine B, PPC Keith W, Commander Bill C, Dennis R (SAL), Pooch (AUX)


Guest; Gale E.


Present; Butch H, Rick H, Richard K, Ken M, Catherine B, PPC Keith W, Commander Bill C,

Greg O, Charlie (SAL), Pooch (AUX)

Excused; Denis (SAL)

Guest; Gale E. Vic

Motion made by Pooch to accept minutes, second by Rich K, passed

Motion made by Pooch, second by Rich K to accept the finance report.

Gale has cancelled some band for cost effectiveness

She stated that Oct. wasn’t a very good month but November should be. That Thanksgiving was a very busy time.

Tips training will be held on Jan. 13th at 10 AM. Plan on a couple hours.

Commander suggested that we have an event committee, to assist Gale. All are looking into having at least one from each family group.

Butch is researching bands.

Forgot to bring up New Contract and Hall Rental to Legion, need to resubmit the following to the Legion in Dec. Board approved to rent the Hall to anyone.

New Business, Butch to open at 1130 AM on Football Saturday if needed.

Motion made by Catherine second by Keith W. to accept bid for snow removal by Top Care Plowing.

PPC Wakefield made a motion to install a video monitor second by Rich K. After discussion motion by Catherine, second by Wakefield to table till next month to get total cost needed.

Honor Flight was brought up by Rick H. He will get more info. Also flight for vet is covered but they need an escort which isn’t. asking each family to help with the cost of escort.

Gale gave her list of Dec. events. Which will be posted on tables, door, News Letter and web site. Also New Year’s Eve is $25.00 per-person includes dinner and snacks, band and midnight toast.

We have a veteran Wayne Trimpe who will soon be 100 yrs. young.

Looking for volunteers to hold a Brunch the first Saturday of each month.

Meeting closed 7:48 PM


Catherine Buckley