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 Roger B. Chaffee Post 154 December 2018 Newsletter For God and Country As a lover of history, I recently read the National Motto of our country: “E Pluribus Unum,” Out of Many, One. It refers to the union formed by the states in 1776, and is found on the Great Seal of the United States, as well as on our currency. The motto was changed in a Congressional Act in 1956 to “In God We Trust.” As patriots, we equate both mottos with the American Legion, Sons of the American Legion, and the American Legion Auxiliary. Forty years ago, the founding members of our Post came together to form Post #154, under the name of hero Roger B. Chaffee. This year, we offer a heartfelt Happy Birthday to our Post! The birthday was celebrated on Thursday, October 18th, with a great chicken dinner. God has truly blessed us and our Post. For that, we are thankful. As we move forward, some changes have been made. I would like to thank Cathryn Buckley for coming forward and editing our monthly newsletter. However, due to Cathryn’s recent health issues, the newsletter will now be edited by Tracy Taylor Wakefield. Thank you for your efforts, Cathryn. Tracy Taylor Wakefield has written for both Grand Rapids Magazine and The Grand Rapids Press. She’s currently working on her doctoral degree to add to her collection. Welcome aboard, Tracy! I also want to give a shout-out to Cathy Conway, who organized our Legion Golf Outing. Cathy’s efforts made the event a great success. If you see her, give her an “Atta-girl, Cathy!” and a thank you. In the near future, the Legion will be addressing several areas of interest. They include: Boys State, Girls State (Auxiliary), Student Trooper Program, Police Officer and Firefighter of the Year, and perhaps Teacher of the Year. I believe it is time for this Legion to reach out to our community and award our great citizens. We are also going to investigate the Mid-Michigan Honor Flight Program, and hope to send our heroes to Washington, D.C. We are a remarkable group of veterans and veterans’ families. We all share compassion to help our Post, but we must continue to build enthusiasm to work together. Please participate. We all play a critical role in shaping our efforts. We must step it up and we can not become complacent. I am committed to improving our Post, and remember, There is no benefit to failure. No excuses. Wheels won’t turn if they are rusty. We must set our sites on continuing to strengthen our Legion family. We are three separate families under one huge tent. Being a non-profit organization, we need to be financially stable. Operating funds are essential to the Post, as we must all work together to survive. Let’s make a difference! May the spirit of America and The American Legion shine in our hearts this Holiday Season.

To Honor and Serve,

Bill Charon Post Commander

U.S. Army

1 ST VICE- Jim David

2 nd VICE- Rich Meyers

FINANCE- Keith Wakefield

SGT. AT ARMS- John Gipson

CHAPLAIN- Ron Marsiglia

HISTORIAN- Catherine Buckley

JUDGE ADVOCATE- Keith Wakefield