Roger B. Chaffee Post 154


News from the Auxiliary:

Hope everyone had a good holiday.Your 2024 dues are Past Due. If you have not yet paid them, please renew today by dropping them at the post or sending $40 to Tracy Taylor Wakefield at 2411Ancient Dr. SW, Wyoming, MI 49519. Questions? Call Tracy at (616) 970-8920. The American Legion Auxiliary has a couple contests going on. First, we have a poppy poster contest for kids in 2nd through 12th grades. And second, we have an essay contest for kids in 3rd through 12th grade. You can find more information about both of these later in this newsletter. Also, if you have a daughter or granddaughter who will be finishing the 11th grade this year, she is eligible to apply to go to Girls State this summer. If any girls are interested, please contact me (Pat Coykendall at 616 534-1520) and I’ll get you the information. We still currently have NUTS for sale (available at the bar). Our next meeting is Wednesday February 7th and the March meeting is Wednesday the 6th. Meetings start at 7 pm. Hope to see you there!

Remember, Just Be Nice!

Pat Coykendall Auxiliary Presiden

A note from Victoria Mavis, Poppy Chair:

As Legion members may be aware, donations collected from our Poppy program activity, including the “change drop box” by the jukebox, can only be used to help veterans.

In support of such, our Auxiliary recent ly approved two local organizations for 2024 to receive various poppy funds.

Friends of Rolling Rock Ranch sponsors an annual Pheasant Hunt for veterans (as well as other yearly activities) and K9 Camo Companions provides rescue dogs to veterans trained for emotional support.

We are excited to work with these local organizations to help veterans in our own backyard and welcome your support in our various fund raising activities throughout the upcoming year.

Stay tuned for more information about events as well.   

 The American Legion Roger B. Chaffee Auxiliary #154 Essay Contest-Teacher Kit Greetings Educator! Please consider including our American Legion Auxiliary Essay Contest as part of your curriculum for grades 3-12 and special needs classes. It is history, patriotism, and Americanism all rolled into one project. This year’s essay theme is, “What Does Freedom Mean to Me”. Winners will receive $50 and a $50 donation in the student’s name will be made to the Children of Warriors National Presidents’ Scholarship fund. The guidelines for this are few. Mainly, students must submit a typed or neatly written essay on the topic conforming to the word count range for their grade range. When handed in, a cover sheet (attached) completed by the student is required. Deadline: Friday, February 16, 2024. Our Unit is located at 2327 Byron Center SW, Wyoming MI 49519. Please contact Victoria Mavis by phone 570-807-1882 or email with any questions or to submit contest entries.  


AMERICANISM ESSAY CONTEST 2024 Cover Sheet Each year, the American Legion Auxiliary (ALA) sponsors an Americanism Essay Contest for students in grades 3-12, including students with special needs. Grade levels are divided into six classes. One award in each of the six classes will be presented in each division. Winners will receive $50 and a $50 donation in the student’s name will be made to the Children of Warriors National Presidents’ Scholarship fund.

 Class Grade Word Requirement

I 3 and 4 150-250 

2 5 and 6 250-300

3 7 and 8 300-350

4 9-10 400-450

5 11-12 500-550

6  Students with special needs Word count should correspond with student’s grade level 


Essay Title: ““What does Freedom mean to me?” Essay Classes: Class Grade Level Word Requirement VI Students with special needs Word count should correspond with student’s grade level Essay Checklist: Class competing in Sponsoring ALA unit 154 Typed or neatly written essay conforming to the word requirement for class Completed essay coversheet as first page of essay Word count of essay Due date for student to return to ALA unit 2/16/2024 To Be Completed by the Student/Parent:

Student Name: __________________________________________________________

E-mail Address:


School Name: School City/State:

Teacher Name and Signature: ______________________________________________


Auxiliary Use Only (Must be completed for entry to be considered.):

Sponsoring Unit Name/Number:

Signature of Unit Americanism Chairman:

Unit winner due to Department on:

Department: Signature of Department Chairman:

Department winner due to National Americanism Division Chairman by April 15, 2024